Lifetstar Real Estates deals with Intangible property that represent current or potential value. 

This are property that consists of land and improvements, that include buildings, roads, structures, and utility systems among other property specifics . Property rights give a title of ownership to the land, improvements, and natural resources to a firm , individual or group.


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For Sale

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Types of Real Estate

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial

For anyone looking to understand how the industry works and what each of the major categories represents.

 A)  Land

Land is the baseline for all types of real property. Land typically refers to undeveloped property and vacant land. Developers acquire land and combine it with other properties (called assembly) and rezone it so they can increase the density and increase the value of the property.


B) Residential

Residential real estate consists of housing for individuals, families, or groups of people. This is the most common type of estate and is the asset class that most people are familiar with. Within residential, there are single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and other types of living arrangements.


C) Commercial

Commercial property refers to land and buildings that are used by businesses to carry out their operations. Examples include shopping malls, individual stores, office buildings, parking lots, medical centers, and hotels.

D) Industrial

Industrial real estate are land and buildings that are used by industries for business purposes such as factories, mechanical productions, research and development, construction, transportation,  and warehousing.