About Us

Lifestar Courier and Delivery Services was established in the year 2019 July 9th. The company is fast growing due secure service provision,currently offering the most competitive rates in the market. We are compliant with all Government Statutory Regulations in Kenya.

Our human resource is highly disciplined , vetted and recruited on thebasis of upon training.

Lifestar Courier and Delivery Services offers services within Nairobi and its environs. This is made efficiently and effectively by use of 30 moto bikes and one Standby for rescue and emergencies and 5 Van for deliveries outside Nairobi.


Our goal is to meet the growing and challenging courier and delivery services business.

Use of governmental and institutional back-ups which enables effective networking in terms of value chain and optimal use of new technology.

The main challenge facing other courier services companies is how to take advantage of new resources and markets while dealing with intense and growing global competition. The challenge facing governments is how to design and implement supportive policies and strategies.

Business and government both need to intensify their  partnership to build and strengthen competitiveness.



  •  Food and Food Products 
  • Electronics and Electricals 
  • Clothing 
  • IT Products and Accessories 

  •  Water and Drinks 
  • Jewelaries 
  • Books and Writing Materials 
  • Untensils